Temporary Surface Protection: 30 years of change

I can’t believe that over 30 years ago I started in the temporary surface protection films¬†industry where no one knew about my products, what they were used for, or who used them.

Today the protection market is such that most people will have have come across temporary surface protection films. When I started it was a clearly defined market sector where the only customers we sold to were stainless steel stockists and sheet metal suppliers. Today, along with the metal guys who still use it, the product is now widely seen on pvc extrusions, glass, wood and carpets.

The basic premise of a temporary protective film is that it allows manufacturers to keep their products in pristine condition during the various processes of manufacture, including any bending and shaping, so goods are delivered to their customers without scratches or surface damage. The film is then removed easily and cleanly, and everyone is happy! Now you see protective films everywhere, and they used in applications never dreamed about when I started.

I can remember the growth of pvc profile extruders started in the UK, and at some point over the past 30 years, I think have visited and supplied nearly all of them who use protective film on the profile. Another big use today is for temporary carpet protection. Ideal for decorators, removal companies, and refurbishment projects. With the internet now, everyone seems to be suppliers, but in reality their is only a handful of specialist suppliers.

This article was originally published on Linkedin’s Pulse network.

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