Temporary surface protection film

Take care when buying on the internet

A while ago I published an article in Professional Painter and Decorator Magazine about searching the internet looking for temporary protection film, my specialist subject for 30 years. I was trying to decide if the websites I checked out were correct in what they said, or misleading the customer a little bit. At that time, I found several who claimed to be “manufacturers” when in fact I knew they were not. Some also attached pictures of offices and warehouses, which looked very impressive, but bore little resemblance to the premises I had actually visited.

Maybe I am being over sensitive, and I suppose you can expect a little exaggeration, but I reckon the customer should should not be mislead. If someone says they are a manufacturer, and they are not, to me that is plain wrong. Over the years, customers have said to me “we only buy from manufacturers” so these guys are trying to cash in by pretending to be something they are not.

Before I get lynched by marketing specialists all over the country, I agree in promoting of your brand, but please, leave out the fibs and fancy descriptions of being “innovators” when in reality we are just salespeople.

This article was originally published on Linkedin’s Pulse network.

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