Glass and Window Protection

Temporary protection film for glass

Soprad  temporary protection film for glass can help prevent scratches and damage caused to glass and glazing units* during transportation, handling and installation in new build applications and during building refurbishments. Saves the glass surface when the wet trades are working, and helps protect the glass getting damaged from plaster and cement.

The glass protection films are UV stable and can be left in place for up to four weeks after which they can be easily removed.  Available in a wide range of widths and roll lengths, self adhesive window protector can be supplied in either transparent or tinted blue. Soprad also produce an adhesive window film coated with a solvent acrylic adhesive, S44, which can be applied to glass and glazed units and can be left on site even longer** during the building and construction of new homes. This solvent adhesive product, S44 is not affected by water, or humidity making it ideal for use outdoors.

*  in common with other manufacturers, Soprad film is not recommended for use on coated and self clean glass.

** solvent adhesives can be left on the glass longer than water based adhesives.


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