Protection film for Aluminium and Stainless Steel Sheet

Surface protection film for metal

Surface protection film for metal.

Soprad have the ability to coat their wide range of temporary surface protection films in water, solvent and rubber resin adhesives. This versatile range can protect all types of  metal surfaces including aluminium from mill finish, to the various grit polished grades. Most types of stainless steel, including mirror finish and BA surfaces can be protected from damage caused during handling, storage and delivery by using temporary surface protection films from Soprad.

Using high grade polyethylene films, Soprad can offer transparent or tinted films, along with heavier gauge films in black/white, which offer additional protection to the metal surface.


Soprad also manufactures  Laser protection films, which can be used when sheets are cut using either C02 and fibre cutting technologies.

Ultimate laser film

Laser protection film is available in two different thicknesses, and is printed with the text “Laser film “.  The protection films can be easily removed, leaving your processed products in a pristine condition for your customers.


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