Protection Film for Composite and Sandwich Panels

Surface protection film for painted surfaces

It is important when covering pre painted coils and pre painted sheets, that the correct temporary protection film is applied. Composite and sandwich panels can be protected from scratches using a temporary surface protection film from Soprad. The gloss levels of a pre painted surface can vary and the wrong choice of protection film can cause problems when you come to remove the film. Soprad manufacture a range of protective films in low, medium and high adhesion.

A special “easy peel ” product is also available for high gloss pre painted surfaces. Soprad produce films coated with both acrylic and rubber resin adhesives and are available in transparent, tinted blue or co-extruded black/white. For help in choosing the correct product for your application, Soprad offer technical evaluations of your painted surface and will offer samples of protection film with the correct adhesion level for you to evaluate in house.

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