Protection film for Aluminium and Stainless Steel Sheet

Easy peel protection film

Easy Peel protection film for painted sheets and panels.
One of the biggest complaints we hear from customers is the time taken to remove the protective film from the painted sheets of sandwich panels, especially on roof and wall panels where time is a real cost. To help rectify the problem experienced by customers, Soprad srl, have introduced a protection film which has an “Easy peel ” effect, making the removal of protective film much quicker and faster than standard protective film products currently available. A0063 is a transparent LDPE high tech polyethylene film coated with an acrylic adhesive ( 50 micron in total ), and is suitable for the protection of painted metal surfaces including Polyester, PVDF, PVC coated and Plastisol finishes. Soprad srl are a major European manufacturer of temporary protective films, ISO 9001 :2008 registered company and supply many established sandwich and coil coating  producers with products from their range. A0063 is just one of a range of easy peel protection film products manufactured by Soprad, who offer the full  range of adhesive types and can coat tinted as well as black/white  co extruded films.
Soprad can supply large UK customers directly from the factory in Milan, or via their established stockists here in the UK.
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