Carpet Protection film

Inventive or a clever marketing ploy?

A conversation with a potential customer for temporary protection film said to me recently “we are buying from the brand leader” and in a funny way, he was.

He did not know it of course but his supplier was buying from a major producer, who is seen by many as the market leader, offering out as his own premium brand. Of course, the end customer is then paying a higher price for the product they can get more cheaply elsewhere.

So is this just being inventive or a clever marketing ploy?

I think brands are important as we all choose and stick to our favourite. Usually, own branded products, whether it be in the supermarket or DIY stores, are often seen as the cheaper alternative to the named variety we all buy and trust. But to me, taking a standard product and then packaging and promoting it so the customer pays a higher price for what they perceive is superior to other products in the same market sector seems bizarre.

This article was orginally published on Linkedin’s Pulse network.

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