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A World of Surface Protection

Type into a popular search engine the words “surface protection film”, “glass protection film, or “carpet protection film“, and you will see page after page of companies offering you hundreds of different products, all claiming to be the one for the job.

However, whose product is it, who made it and where?

Does it matter?

Well yes, I think it does!

You know the make of the car you are driving, and the phone, tablet or computer you are reading this on. Today you see glazing and window companies promote the glass they offer, but my guess is many do not know who manufactured the protection film they buy and apply to their finished products.

Most of the companies you see on the net do not actually tell you whose product they are promoting (a good example is the number offering temporary carpet and do not tell you the manufacturer).

Surface protection film today comes from mainland Europe, American and even further away, the Far East. Not in itself a problem, as we don’t have a dedicated manufacturer of protection film, despite what you may read, so it all has to be imported and then converted to the size you require here in the UK.

Having been in the industry of surface protection since 1982, I have worked alongside specialist suppliers and manufacturers, and I have always been proud to promote the manufacturer of the product I was offering.

Surface protection film is a highly technical product range, which, if not correctly chosen can cause severe problems, additional costs and extra work and loss of credibility to your business. Why do the suppliers on the net not then tell the customer whose product he is buying, the technical facilities behind it, and where it came from? Why the secret?

I am not talking about branding here, as yes, you can get protection film printed with a name, but it is not your name or the factory that made it, so what additional help does that offer? You still do not know who made it and where it is actually from. If you wish to promote a name why not choose your own, it is easily available now to large users of protection films.

The different applications for the use of surface protection film have increased in the last 28 years, today protecting the glass in new builds has become big business, and I am sure going forward new applications will find a need for protection films.

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